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A consistent work requires consistent application of resources. Please help us to continue the ongoing work that has allowed us to....


• Create A Study Circle for Black Goddess Studies

• Teach/Speak On Violence Against Women and The Prevention of It

• We teach/speak on Women’s Empowerment

• We teach/speak on Women’s Sexuality

• We teach/speak on Women’s Divinity and Practical Life Application

• We maintain an online space through this website on Emergency Services for women and children

• We maintain an online space for Women’s Business and Ventures

• We have an audio library dating back five years on Women’s Spirituality

• We have counseling services for Women and Their Families

• We have an e-book and upcoming publications through our own Udja Temple Press

• We participate in public forums related to poverty (from position of those affected by it the greatest)

• Consistent Support of Women’s Health Initiatives for improvement and maintenance

• Activism on behalf of Individual Women and Women’s organizations