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Posted on December 17, 2011 at 1:30 AM

    Welcome to Udja Temple Ministries


     After a long pause we are here and fresh and new and as exciting as ever. Here you will find all that is Udja Temple and even better...you will find all that is you. This is the home of those who believe, feel or are curious about all things Black Goddess. It is our teaching called Black Goddess Consciousness that speaks through this ministry...


" In the beginning there was Womb and the Womb was and is Goddess and the Blackness therein was and is the Womb, and the Goddess was and is the Womb in and of HERself, there were none prior too and none to helpmeet any task for SHE was and is sufficient. SHE in HER Blackness and Wombness and Goddess-hood is enough. SHE had self and SHE turned HERself into the many things and phenomena and entities and molecules and cells and the coming together of HERself was and is the beginning for SHE never ends. SHE has been and is now infinite. SHE needed no helpmeet, nor assistance, SHE is water in the Blackness and Warmth, and Nurturing energy all that is needed for life and all of the things life needs were and are HERs."


The SHE that we are referring to is you Black Woman...


     Yes my love you and SHE are one and the same, this wisdom comes with experience and your experiences prove that you are divine. You have come this far not because of religion and the banter of men in pulpits but by your strength. Your strength be it the quiet and gentle or the roar of the Lioness in protection of HER family is powerful. Your sacred path is to live your fullest self, at all times in all places. It is our teaching in what we call Black Goddess Consciousness that your fullest self as Goddess is of great necessity, in fact the greatest necessity right now. Afrikan Women are crucial to the ascension of the planet to the next phase, the New Earth, if they do not, we do not ascend. You are the missing variable, the X-Factor, the unknown quotient. The original portal of life, love, light, peace, passion, joy, hope, is HER. SHE the unspoken of or even for, the uncounted, the most exploited and simultaneously the one of least blame is the one to whom we owe our very lives and yes our very future. Historically Black Women have moved against odds that are seeemingly insurmountable, what was it that made them surpass those incredibly immovable obstacles? I posit that there was an attitude these sisters had which demonstrated a highly improbable ability to succeed against everything that faced them.



    You my beloved, now here in this place in this time are all of this energy, this powerful energy, this unstoppable force. Now it is time for you to use your power for the good of yourself...yes....YOURSELF! You have given all to others, particularly those who have not appreciated it. Now it is time for you to be utterly selfish. Now that sounds funny coming from a Priest who preaches Afrikan Unity amongst Afrikan Women and Families. Yet now is your time, I implore you to think of using your power to empower yourself. In this work of thinking on your spirit, your body, your minds you will find that you as the mother of all creation will save others. It is your genetic connection to the Most High who is your Great MWT (Mother), Black, Beautiful and Holy. SHE, The African Woman/Black Woman is a Natural Mystic, naturally adept at changing reality by accessing HER natural divine powers. Yes Sisters all that you imagine by working with the Sacred Power accessing the Goddess inside can shall come to pass.



     As you look into the world and see your children dying in Somalia, and for that matter here in the states. From most ancient time WomanKind as an Afrikan, as a Dark Mother, as the essence of the beginning, the void if you will is central to human consciouness. Black Goddess Consciouness seeks a return to that time, yet with a new focus, the remembrance of HER as Goddess for the salvation of Afrikan people and subsequently the world. Surely SHE who laid the foundations of civilized behavior; fire, correct use of water, the tilling of the earth and the keeping of the air via plants and proper use of animals, surely this one would be Goddess. We believe this to be true, that SHE with whom civilization has found its foothold can be SHE who would bring about a new earth and a new way of living. It is your time, you can do this, you have done it before, this time, this place, this very moment belongs to the Afrikan Woman/Black Goddess.



Rev. Majadi Baruti


Udja Temple Ministries

[email protected]

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Reply Wadjet Nekhbet
4:56 PM on August 14, 2013 
WOW BEAUTIFUL!! Give thanks for sharing this jewel of wisdom on the Black Goddess Consciousness! Be Blessed!

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