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In Praise Of SHE Who Is Eternal

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 "In Black Goddess Consciousness,
You, Black Woman, Afrikan Woman,
Are the Focal Component In The Divine Adornment That
Laces Your Life And The Lives That Are Linked To You.
And If You Are The Central Element In The Adornment,
All Eyes Are On You,
Even If In Ignorance You Are Only Perceived Peripherally
Or Through A Glass Darkly.
Yet This Truth Remains--
All Eyes Are On You, Black Woman. "


Priestess Meri-T Seshat  


Our Sacred Mission

Udja Temple Ministries is committed to the spiritual liberation of humanity through the reclamation of the Afrikan Goddess as Divine Mother Creator, and through a re-establishment of the prosperous, peaceful and balanced Matriarchal culture sustained by Black Goddess Consciousness*.

©2010 Majadi Baruti and Susan Diane Mitchell (Meri-T Seshat)


Archived Shows- The Roof Garden from 2008-2012

 168 episodes, dating from November 19, 2008, A lot of changes since then but Udja Temple Ministries has been in existence for six years and WOW, have we gone through it. We have stayed the course. I praise Goddess for folks that helped us through difficult, difficult times. Supported us spiritually, financially, Whew! We will continue this blessed work in what our Priestess Meri-T Seshat calls our Sacred Mission. Please listen to some of these, see how we have grown.

The Online Broadcast Ministry for Udja Temple, teaching the worship of the Afrikan Goddess. Evangelistic effort at promoting respect, worship, reverence for the Sacred Afrikan Feminine (Goddess) and HER divine presence among people of Afrikan Descent.

 Hosts: Rev. Majadi Baruti and Meri-T Seshat (Susan Diane Mitchell)




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